This is an original sci-fi/fantasy concept loosely inspired by the chinese proverb:

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao-Tzu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC).

I combined crude steampunk stylings with a decadent luxury evident in the manufactured saddle complete with plush leather and a cup holder. This kit speaks of a future race of people that have tamed these great beasts of burden and travel around on them as we would automobiles.

I imagine that this rider has just begun a long journey into a swampy area on this semi-aquatic beast and is reaching for her breathing aparatus in preparation of going under water for a bit of the trip.

This was a fun kit to sculpt, but man was it a pain to produce!. It became evident that the creature's torso and the base would have to be roto-cast and would require a different mold-making than I had done in the past. For this kit, I had to teach myself how to make matrixs molds (mother mold/shell) to reduce the ammount of mold material needed to mold the torso and base. And the parts cast in these molds would need to be roto-cast — something I had also not accomplished until this kit.

After a few false starts at trying different mother mold materials (plaster and a product called Shell Shock)... I finally found the perfect material in Smooth-On Plasti-Paste II. For the casting, I use Smooth-On Smooth Cast 65D (Roto resin) and Plasti-Paste II as a backing material for the base.

After all the trial and error and hard work, I'm pleased with the final result. But, this kit remains the toughest one that I have produced to date. Whew! - ADAM

  • 1:7 scale (stands 15 inches)
  • Sculpted in Super Sculpey and Aves Apoxie Sculpt
  • Molded with Smooth-On Mold Max 40
  • Cast in Smooth-On Smooth Cast 300
  • Hand-painted with acrylic paint
Finished Model    Nov, 2011
The First Castings    Nov, 2010
The Finished Primed Sculpt    Oct, 2010
Working out the final details    Sep, 2010
Sculpt in progress/Keying    Sep, 2010
Skinning the creature in Apoxie Sculpt    Aug, 2010
Sculpt in progress    Jul, 2010
Getting Started    Jun, 2010