Following in the footsteps and tone of
"The Living Monster!", comes this
companion piece.

I wanted the Bride to be "the doctor's twisted plaything". She has also been under the doctor's knife, but is less grotesque. She has been made to dress up in a bridal outfit for the doctor's amusement... she is a pitiful thing... and yet... there is a fire still in her eye. As you look around the diorama, you see a bent and discarded food tray that has been used to pry a stone from the floor. That sharpened stone is in her concealed hand just waiting for the doctor's next visit....

  • 1:8 scale (9 inches tall)
  • Sculpted in Super Sculpey and Aves Apoxie Sculpt
  • Molded with Smooth-On Mold Max 40
  • Cast in Smooth-On Smooth Cast 300 & and Rotometals tin pewter R98 with some clear vacuformed parts
Finished Paint    Oct, 2013
Finished Sculpt    May, 2013
Details in Aves Apoxie    Mar, 2013
Roughing in the Legs and Dress design    Feb, 2013
Fleshing out the Figure    Feb, 2013
Walls and Base Finished    Feb, 2013
Designing the diorama    Feb, 2013
Getting started!    Jan, 2013