This sculpt is based off of the film 'Fido', a wonderful dark comedy, that is part "Leave it to Beaver" (50's), part "Lassie", part "Night of the Living Dead". As soon as I saw this film, I wanted a figure of Fido and Timmy sitting on my shelf. I was inspired to sculpt!

This was a relatively easy piece compared to my newer kits. Nothing special here, just Super Sculpey and Magic Sculpt epoxy clay. I didn't have to teach myself any new techniques in order to accomplish this nice simple sculpt.

Fido stands about 12 inches tall. This one was one of my fastest turn-arounds in about 3 months start to painted finish!

  • 1:6 scale (12 inches tall)
  • Sculpted in Super Sculpey and Magic Sculpt epoxy clay
  • Molded with Smooth-On Mold Max 40
  • Cast in Smooth-On Smooth Cast 300
  • Hand-painted with acrylic paint

Just a good, simple sculpt. I didn't have to learn anything special to create this. A nice, relaxing project!

Finished Model    Feb, 2010
The Finished Sculpt    Jan, 2010
Sculpting the details    Dec 2009
Fido's Clothing    Dec 2009
Fido's Collar    Nov 2009
Getting Started    Nov 2009