This is a personal project based on one of my favorite 70s Sci-Fi shows, "Buck Rogers in the 24th Century".

I'd seen a few Buck Rogers sculpts over the years, but never one that depicted all three main characters. I felt like that was something that would be fun to do.

Little did I realize... just what an undertaking that would be. This sculpt took me nearly 10 months of work to complete! But, the final result is very satisfying. This is one of my favorites!

  • 1:8 scale (9 inches tall)
  • Sculpted in Super Sculpey and Magic Sculpt
  • Molded with Smooth-On Mold Max 40
  • Cast in Smooth-On Smooth Cast 300
  • Hand-painted with acrylic paint
*** For show only - not for sale ***
Finished Model    Sep, 2009
Finished Paint    Sep, 2009
Paint in Progress    Aug, 2009
Paint in Started    Aug, 2009
Assembled and Ready    Aug, 2009
Castings Done!    Aug, 2009
Creating Molds    Aug, 2009
Finished Sculpt!    July, 2009
Wilma's Head    July, 2009
Finishing the Heads    July, 2009
The Small Details    Jul, 2009
The Armbands    Jun, 2009
Keying the Parts    Jun, 2009
Breaking Down the Sculpt    Jun, 2009
Major Sculpting Finished    Jun, 2009
Wilma    April, 2009
Buck    Feb, 2009
Twiki    Jan, 2009
Starting the Bodies    Dec, 2008
Getting Started    Nov, 2008