Aragorn was the 9th sculpt in my personal Lord of the Rings series. This was the second version of the Aragorn sculpt. The first one was horrible and not worth mentioning.

Sculpted in Super Sculpey and painted with acrylic paints.

*** For show only - not for sale ***
Finished Model    Nov, 2006
Finished Painting    Oct, 2006
Paint in Progress    Oct, 2006
Casting Done    Oct, 2006
Molds Done    Oct, 2006
Creating the Molds    Oct, 2006
Sculpt Done    Oct, 2006
Sculpt Nearing Completion    Sep, 2006
Sculpting the Arms    Sep, 2006
Sculpting the Details    Sep, 2006
Sculpting the Anatomy    Aug, 2006
Building the Aramture    Aug, 2006
Getting Started    Aug, 2006