Check out what our CUSTOMers have done with THEIR kits!...

This page is dedicated to the great and imaginative work of all those that have purchased, or received, one of our kits! If you have a build up of one of our kits and would like to see your work here, please send one or more great shots of your work along with how you want the kit to be credited/dedicated and we'll add it here. Send your kit pics to, or use the link at the bottom of the page.

Custom work from one of our kits is also appreciated so long as at least part of the kit is recognizable. So, what if it doesn't look like it did out of the box? Customizing is part of the fun!.

Fast Food!
Assembled and painted by Ted Paciotti 2014
The Living Monster!
Assembled and painted by Richard Cacioppo
of 2014
Michael Bilbrey 2012
Scott Lesher 2012
...With a Single Step
Scott Griffiths April 2011 - Custom swamp diorama
A Boy's Best Friend... is his Zombie!
Sassy's Satellite 2010
Steven Alford 2011 - Custom Fido Hot Toys from kit head.